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The heart-warming and gritty true life story of an 1870’s destined-to-be “fire-holiness” preacher scourged and cursed by his father who searches through infidelity and alcohol to find his only hope and salvation in the simple prayer of his own young son—A child’s prayer with God’s power to rescue his lost father. It’s a story of life—power-packed with touching humor and gripping drama.


Willis Brown chases both women and wine with exuberance and reckless abandonment, charming his way around consequences until he catches the plucky independent Georgeanna Martin. Willis will never be the same. Neither will she.

The year is 1877, and Willis Brown is on the run from his girlfriend Martha’s shotgun-toting Father. He ducks into a nearby church, dropping right into Georgeanna Martin’s lap.

For the newlywed Willis and Georgeanna Brown, life is good. Their son Charlie is born. Willis has a steady job. Life is good. Until tragedy hits the family.

For Georgeanna life goes on. But Willis walks out with his bottle of whiskey.

Each day Little Charlie watches the horizon for Willis’ return while Georgeanna tends the garden to feed her family. Young Charlie, his childlike faith grounded in God’s word, recognizes His Heavenly Father’s provision for them and the hope that he holds for his earthly father’s return.

Meanwhile, Willis racks in the poker chips at the Paducah Gentleman’s Club, has a surprise reunion with Martha and returns home to celebrate. Georgeanna throws Willis’ whiskey bottle from the cabin porch, announcing, “It’s me or that bottle.”

Willis chooses the bottle.

In the night Little Charlie kneels beside his drunken father and prays the simple prayer of a faithful child.